COVID-19 Updates and Announcements

My Ride to Work began following all recommended guidelines and measures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and national / local government agencies during the first week of March 2020.  As a leader in the transportation industry for the Reno/Tahoe area, there is no higher priority than taking care of the health and safety of our passengers. Our leadership team is continuing to monitor the evolution of this situation and implementing new precautions daily. We have limited all vendors into our yard except for essentials such as fuel, cleaning, etc. and recently offered an incentive bonus for our teams that are on the front lines of protecting our riders – this includes our drivers and cleaning crews. 

Below is a comprehensive list of the actions we have taken to ensure the safety and health of our riders and ultimately the businesses of which we serve through transportation. 


  • We have placed permanent sanitizer dispensers on each of our vehicles and keep them full for riders
  • We have disinfectant wipes on every bus for thorough cleaning of individual seating areas
  • We have placed signage on all buses with how to take precautions from spread of COVID-19
  • We have precautionary signs at each badge reader informing riders of actions to take to ensure ongoing safety
  • Each bus is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every route
  • Drivers encourage the use of hand sanitizer when riders board
  • We have provided our riders a way of notifying drivers and our leadership team if they have concerns of a fellow passenger showing symptoms of COVID-19


  • We have closed off first-row seats on each vehicle to add an extra layer social distancing to our drivers
  • We have increased our driver workforce to prepare for any absences
  • We are providing latex gloves and masks in our dispatch area for our drivers
  • Our dispatch area is being disinfected before and after each shift – including all frequently touched surfaces such as vehicle tablets, doors, bathrooms, vests, etc.
  • We are fully disinfecting the driver area of each vehicle after each route completes a drop off
  • We are staying very close to our drivers and if anyone is under the weather or not feeling well, we are mandating them to stay home and they have been given step-by-step directions on how to utilize their Teladoc services during this time  
  • We have placed signage and reminders at all sinks and bathrooms to take precautions from spread of COVID-19
  • Incentive bonus pay put into place for all drivers


  • My Ride to Work has historically invested in a dedicated cleaning crew onsite at our vehicle yard
  • This team disinfects each vehicle pre and post trip as part of our daily process
  • Since the beginning of March, we have increased time spent on our sanitation process for each vehicle
  • Our team is deep cleaning all of our vehicles daily
  • We have added additional cleaning staff dedicated to increased sanitation efforts
  • After each drop off, our vehicles are disinfected with wipe down solid surfaces that may be in high contact (i.e. after dropping off riders at their work location, drivers disinfect before new riders onboard)
  • Incentive bonus pay put into place for all cleaning crew members  


  • We have added additional shuttles to our fleet to accommodate and meet the social distancing requirements
  • All vehicles have posted signs on max occupancy during this time that meet social distancing mandates  
  • In early March, we reduced ridership by 50% and more recently, we have reduced ridership to 30% (i.e. on a 56-passenger bus, we are only allowing 18 passengers)
  • We closely monitor the pick-up and drop-off locations for gathering and encourage social distancing measures
  • We have replaced timeclocks with mobile app and have reduced surface contact within our dispatch area lowering the risk of exposure
  • Driver break room is disinfected daily and we have minimized the use of it between routes with closed packaging for food and drink, max occupancy, etc. 
  • Limited vendor access to our vehicle yard, dispatch office and business facility

It is our top priority to take care of our passengers, our drivers, our employees and all of their families and communities. We are here to help our riders, our customers and employees during this uncertain time.