Our Story

My Ride to Work launched a pilot transportation program through a partnership with a privately held, national business process outsourcing company that has provided outsourcing opportunities for some of the largest distribution and fulfillment warehouses throughout the country.  Developing a program that fit the businesses needs, My Ride to Work customized a solution that was successful for the company.

My Ride to Work provided transportation for over 250 employees during 2016. The employees met at a centralized location and the vans provided safe, reliable and comfortable transportation to the business partner’s facilities nearly 20 miles away where public transportation was not an option.

My Ride to Work was met with overwhelming interest from businesses in the area that have a variety of transportation needs.  Data from the partner business showed in an increased attendance of the workforce and lower attrition rates among the employees who utilized the partner program.

My Ride to Work formalized the business to best fit the needs of the market developing the Standard Schedule and the On Demand models.