What is the reason for My Ride to Work?

My Ride to Work is different than most transportation companies priding ourselves on delivering a “red carpet” service with the passenger experience top of mind. We operate on ensuring three pillars of service are consistently met through safe, reliable and comfortable transportation options.

My Ride to Work is experienced in partnering with businesses and customizing our service for their transportation needs. Not only are we able to provide transportation for commuting employees, we are also able to provide customized transportation experiences for other business needs such as airport pick up/drop off, transportation of clients and group transportation for off-site business meetings.

When did the business start?

My Ride to Work launched a pilot program early in 2016 in the Reno/Sparks, NV market.  The company partnered with an established outsourcing company to transport employees from Reno to the warehouse district which was about 15 miles outside of the city.  After great success, the company officially launched in early 2017.

What are the three pillars My Ride to Work strives to provide?

Safe, reliable and comfortable transportation

What about public transportation?  Is My Ride to Work a competing business? 

No.  At this time, My Ride to Work is launching in areas where public transportation is not available as an option.

Who can ride My Ride to Work transportation? 

At this time, My Ride to Work is partnering with businesses to offer My Ride to Work as an added benefit to their employees.